DonMuch of the music for NonRandomNonSense was created by the talented Donato Faoro who has also gone by the name Marshall Price.

Check out his new stuff here.






Nathaniel Atcheson is a director who also dabbles in music which has been used in some NonRandomNonSense videos.







This is the gentleman known simply as Yaggenhimen. He is the amazing talent behind the NIN parody at the end of “Unboxing Gwyneth Paltrow’s Head” and the song for the 4X4 Toilet Paper Commercial.







The Linkin Park Parody was a big hit thanks to the music created by the brilliant London Mace who fronts the rock band Heavy Honey.






ArchieArchie Wilson provided the vocals for “The Greatest Hit of Disturbed”. He fronts the band Deadform and has his own YouTube channel here.






Finally, like everyone else on YouTube, NonRandomNonSense also uses Kevin MacLeod. Internet videos would be silent without him.

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