Brandon’s Bio


Brandon Muller writes, edits, and sometimes acts in NonRandomNonSense videos.

He has performed improv, stand up, and sketch comedy.

His website is here, his personal YouTube account is here, and you can contact him if you are lonely.

6 Responses to Brandon’s Bio

  1. chase burns says:

    U did awesome on the disturbed one. #i Relly enjoyed it.

  2. Dude, I was crying from laughter when I saw your Disturbed parody. You totally nailed it! And David endorsing it – how awesome is that? Afterwards I was watching Linkin Park parody and I haven’t laughed like this in a really really long time. Drumming on laptops was freakin’ priceless! Keep up an awesome work and please, make more parodies! You rock!

  3. CoolestGeekEver says:

    Anyone ever tell you that you look like Karl Pilkington in this picture?

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